When NOT to Repurpose

When done correctly, I am all for the repurposing world.  Being in the antique business, I find that many of the “traditionalists” cringe when they see old pieces transformed into something different.  I live with one such traditionalist.  We’ve come to an agreement on when we can repurpose a piece, the idea being if it… Read More

Harko Glass

Harko Art Glass

Back in the 70’s my grandmother was dating a man who owned a bar in downtown Manchester, NH.  I was very little, but I recall being in the bar and playing with a bowling pin machine.  I also remember all the boxing memorabilia on display.  Turns out the man my grandmother was dating was a… Read More


Skinner & Steenman Sideboard

Skinner & Steenman Oak Sideboard (1898 – 1905)

In 1888 Charles Otis Skinner resigned from the New England Furniture Company and organized a co-partnership with Henry Steenman to manufacture furniture in Howard City, Michigan (office located in Grand Rapids) under the name Skinner & Steenman Furniture Co. This company was one of the first to turn their production to a single article – sideboards. During the few years together this company grew from a small beginning to one of the largest manufacturers of sideboards in the world.

Hand-refinished and great brass hardware. This piece is just awesome and not too big, perfect for todays kitchens and fully functional.

Width is 62”, Height  47” and Depth is 21.5”

Gunn Barrister BookcaseGunn Furniture Co. Mission Barrister (1899-1913)

This great bookcase is fully functional and ready to add class to any living area.

Gunn stacking bookcases were distinguished by the lack of external side bands.  The doors were hooked on slides and with the aid of a roller bearing, NOT the scissor-style assembly found on the Globe-Wernicke.

This still has the original wavy glass and part of the red GRM triangular logo. This logo represented the Furniture Manufacturer’s Association of Grand Rapids and was only used from 1899 to 1913.

Dimensions are: 47” Tall, 35” Wide, 12” Deep