National Cash Register 900 Series

National Cash Register, 900 Series (SOLD)

1925 and over 200lb’s of American Ingenuity

WOW, where do I start? This “little” girl was literally a day away from the scrap yard…
The twenties were a transition time for NCR, the day of their ornate brass ancestors are gone. The goal, stainless steel with a grain paint overlay. This National Cash Register 900 Series precedes their ultimate wish and is easily over 80% solid brass with only a few stainless parts now painted red.

All this contained on a beautiful oak support.
This is fully functional with the exception the paper tape is no longer manufactured in this size, and the C.O.D. “IN” button does not hold. All counters work, and this keeps all transactions accurately accounted for.

Amazing how over 3,000 individual parts 87 years later still work today. Included are 3 keys, the owner reset, the key lock, and the very hard to find master-counter reset key.
This National Cash Register 900 Series may only tally up to $99.99 but this little girl took several weeks to get into this now functional condition and will out perform most machines today, and without electricity.