Antique Wheeler and Wilson Sewing Machine #1

Late 1850’s/Early 1860’s with silver-plate arms

For sale is a really neat find… This little machine is complete and moves with ease.

Many reasons make this little girl is special: It has only two patent dates listed... The inventor Allen Benjamin Wilson’s date of June 15, 1852 And Elias Howe’s patent of 1846. The Howe patent date was there because at that time all the sewing machine makers including Singer had to pay Elias royalties based on “his invention,” the sewing machine.

The serial number on this machine is incredibly low, only 5 digits. #10538. This is also stamped on a base-pillar below the sewing deck.

At the time the #1 was the crème de la crème with its silver-plated décor.

Lastly, this does not have the typical glass presser foot and large feed-dog found later in its evolution

Wheeler & Wilson Manufacturing Company formed October 5, 1853. Wheeler & Wilson moved to Bridgeport, CT in 1856.

The decals (flowers and berries) are all original and amazing but are worn in places.

The silver-plate on the arms and the chrome have some tarnish, extremely common given its age. As with the decals, please view thoroughly.

This does contain one bobbin. Typically these alone can sell around $50 if fortunate to find one.

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